Coroner/Medical Examiner Investigations
  Homicide and Suspicious Death Investigations
• Blunt and sharp force injury
• Craniocerebral trauma
• Injury by firearm
• Neck compression - (manual/ligature strangulation)
• Child abuse and neglect
- shaken baby syndrome
- fatal child abuse syndrome
- medical neglect
- physical neglect


• Sudden unexplained infant/child fatality
  Law Enforcement "in custody" Associated Death Investigations
• Excited delirium syndrome
• Conductive electrical device associated fatalities
• Officer involved shooting death investigation
• Death investigation associated with physical restraint/neck restraint
• In custody sudden death investigation
  Medical Malpractice And Wrongful Death Investigation
  Accidental Death Investigation
  Drug Related Fatalities
  Thermal Burn And Smoke Inhalation
  Suicide Investigation
  Natural Death Investigation
Medical Record Investigation
Autopsy record investigation
Death Certification Investigation (cause, manner, mechanism, mode of death)
Accidental Death/life Insurance Investigation
Law Enforcement Investigation
Scene/Photograph Evaluation
Injury Investigation And Evaluation
Hospital/risk Management Related Investigation